About us

We’re Foreseen, based in Sweden and love and passion for E-Sports, some of us have been in the scene longer than the other, but we all aim for the same mission, but let’s start with some backstory of Foreseen.

Back in January 2018, Kevin “Shibi” Olli and some friends had a mix team and together they were going to start something big but initially failed, and Kevin decided he wanted to continue with “Foreseen” the name & logo because he could see the bigger picture in it all, and time went on, we created a small Teamspeak 3 community and failed attempts to create anything, but a year later, 2019. We are starting to aim for something big. And this is our journey.


We love our font “Purista” and that’s the font “Foreseen” shall be in.

We got two variants of our logo that can be used.

Logo – transparent background

Logo – inner-black